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Using this library requires all the propdef files from either FSX or Flight depending on which one you are creating documents for. For FSX you can find these in the propdefs folder in the installation. For Flight this requires extracting the files from CorePropDefs.pak and then overwriting those files with the ones in Updates/CorePropDefs1.pak

Load symbols:
var symbols = Symbols.Load("path to symbols folder");

Create a document at runtime:
var doc = PropertySet.CreateDocument(symbols);
PropertySet metaSet = doc.CreateChildSet("Asset.Metadata");
doc.CreateChildProperty("Asset.Metadata\\Type").Guid = Guid.Parse("{843497CD-59A5-44BD-B0D7-59366D9D5931}");
metaSet.CreateChildProperty("id").String = "{BAC56B2E-1D13-4C51-A4CC-5B06E573D3C7}";
metaSet.CreateChildProperty("Tag").String = "Tag1";
metaSet.CreateChildProperty("Tag").String = "Tag2";

Load a document from disk and get a property from it:
var doc = PropertySet.Load(symbols, "TestFiles\\TestFile1.spb");
var id = Guid.Parse(doc.GetChildProperty("Asset.Metadata\\id").String);

Save a document:
doc.Save("TestFiles\\Output.spb", Format.FlightBinary);

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